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Michelle Ledford
Michelle Ledford

Top 5 Most Popular Blogs from 2023

Michelle Ledford

As 2023 comes to a close, we are revisiting our most popular blogs of the year. From Strategic Marketing Plans to our Annual Brandathon event, our readers have been gaining insightful resources and celebrating milestones along with us.

Top 5 Blog List

1. MADE's 12th Annual Brandathon: A Rookie's Perspective

Taylor's firsthand account of this MADE tradition reminded us of everything Brandathon is about: community camaraderie, and creativity. We are so fortunate to live and work among so many caring and dedicated organizations. If you want to stay up-to-date on everything Brandathon, subscribe to our Brandathon Newsletter here.

2. What's the Magic Word?: 2023 Words of the Year

Every year, each MADE team member selects a word of the year. It might be something we've been meditating on or maybe it's our north star for a successful year. This year our words focused on making strong choices, taking advantage of opportunities, and enjoying the process along the way. 

3. 3 Strategic Marketing Plan Pitfalls to Avoid in 2023

Having a marketing plan sets the groundwork for impactful messaging and design, but there are some easy mistakes to make while developing your initial plan. This blog highlighted a few of those mistakes as well as how to avoid them when planning. 

4. Brand Messaging: Communication That Connects With Your Audience

Your brand's messaging is the, "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm...," of your business. There's so much that goes into successful and impactful messaging, but this blog dives into your brand's attributes, narrative, and pitchline. Download our free brand checklist to self-evaluate your brand's marketing and identity.

5. 5 Tips to Improve Your Business Communication

Marketing is all about communicating with your audiences. It can be a struggle sometimes, especially when you consider the time commitment. This blog suggests some systems you can put in place and steps you can take to significantly improve your communications and marketing efforts. 

We hope you enjoyed our 2023 blogging year-in-review! Stay tuned for more helpful tools and fun with our MADE team in the coming year!