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Pivot marketing expectations

10 Tips For Marketing And Communicating During Covid-19

by Michelle Ledford

Things are changing rapidly, and businesses need a plan to adjust and pivot during these challenging times. COVID-19 is forcing us to make different decisions, interact virtually and conduct business digitally. All eyes are on our businesses and the choices we make to continue serving our customers.

I made a presentation recently to provide data and tips on how to pivot your marketing and communications during this pandemic. I believe we can use all the help we can get, so I am making this information available to you, as well. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Expectations of Brands During COVID-19
  • Media Consumption Trends
  • How to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy
  • 10 Tips to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

This video includes the full 30 minute presentation and is packed full of impactful data and steps you should take to make your business more viable during this time. I encourage you to share this with your team members and brainstorm ways to pivot your marketing and communications strategy. I also invite you to download this presentation slide deck. Instructions for download are at the end of this video.

HubSpot Video


My hope is after viewing this video you feel encouraged to make the hard decisions required to keep your business relevant during this crisis. Remember that the changes you make right now will actually serve you well long term. Many of the moves you take to improve your communication consistency, the tools you add to your website and the shift to a digital-friendly business strategy are going to help you create a more sustainable and successful business in the future.

If you are looking for additional guidance and expertise to help you make these changes, you don't have to go at this alone. We are working with our clients every day, as an extension of their team, to help them pivot their business. We will get to the other side of this. And we are here to help you.