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Fancy AAF American Advertising Awards 2024


What are the American Advertising Awards? 

The American Advertising Awards is the largest competition for the advertising industry. The AAF Polk County competition is the 1st out of the 3 steps in the national competition. Each year these awards attract more than 25,000 entries on the national scale. Winning one of these awards is an honor for your team and recognizes all your hard work from the previous year!

This year, the American Advertising Awards were exceptionally amazing and special to the MADE family! Our Executive Creative Director, Allen Reed was this year's event chair. He did an astonishing job making the event stunning and giving everyone an unforgettable experience. We are so proud of all of his hard work along with the MADE family that helped him in this process. We are also incredibly proud of our team for ending the evening with 4 awards!


Pictured left to right: Martin Joyce, Cindy Joyce, Erin Hollenkamp, Taylor Nobbe, Matt Belcher, Michelle Ledford, Steve Ledford, Ava Dahan, Andrea Reed  and Allen Reed  

This year’s event was held at the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club and had a fitting theme of Fancy AFF! While watching the thrilling program the MADE family had a sensational time dancing and singing along to all of the songs, eating delicious food, sipping on fun drinks, and taking marvelous pictures with everyone who made this night possible. To cap off this wondrous night we went home with 4 silver American Advertising awards and a trunk full of feathers! 

We're so appreciative of our clients, and we're proud to create these designs on their behalf.


LSO_PosterSeries_Portfolio-03SILVER ADDY
Lakeland Symphony Orchestra
Concert Series Posters


Saddle Creek Logistics Services
Holiday Mailer


PolkPlays_Portfolio_5SILVER ADDY
Florida Children's Museum
Special Project Logo



PlantCityChamber_Portfolio_1SILVER ADDY
Plant City Chamber
New Logo Family 

For more information about the ADDYs, check out the AAF Polk County District 4 website.