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4 Essentials You Need In Your Brand Identity Wardrobe

When deciding to start a new venture, launch a product or “rebrand”, some people stop at the logo. They hire a designer who cranks out several options, pick one and off they go. Even worse, the DIYers type out a name, slap on a piece of clip art and call it a brand.

What My Grandfather Taught Me About Brand Identity

What a Bean Taught Me About Brand Interaction

My wife and I had an opportunity to visit Chicago not too long ago. I was attending a creative conference for a few days, while she spent time exploring the city and taking in the sights. At night, we found some really cool pubs, enjoyed amazing food and met some..

What Bryan Adams Taught Me About Brand Trust

A few years ago, I answered a telemarketer’s call at the house. Normally, when I receive phone solicitations, I do one of two things: tell the caller to take me off their list and hang up, or I do what I decided to do on this particular day—have some fun.

What Steve Martin Taught Me About Brand Relevancy

One of my all-time favorite movies is John Hughes’ Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Steve Martin plays Neal Page, a high-strung marketing executive who spends more time than he wishes with Del Griffith, played by the late John Candy. Del is an overly-chatty shower..