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2018 ADDY Awards

I grew up in the 80s, so when I was asked to co-chair and co-host the AAF Polk County American Advertising Awards, I couldn’t say no. The theme was I Love the ADDYs as a throwback to everything 80s! 

The 2017 American Advertising Awards Gala is in the Books!

Yee Haw!

We had a dadgum good time at this year’s American Advertising Federation Polk County Awards. As always, the ADDY committee did a bang-up job. This year’s theme was the Grand Ole ADDYS featuring a fun presentation intertwined with some live local musicians..

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

You could be reading this blog on our website from any number of devices; a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Regardless of what device you use most often, BrandMadden.com will always adjust on its own, to fit the screen you happen to be looking at,..

Another Award-Winning Year for Madden Brand Agency!

We are fortunate to live in a community full of innovative, talented and creative companies. Madden Brand Agency is proud to be a part of an industry that fosters healthy competition and that is always looking to find new ways to a make our community more beautiful..

Brand Guidelines: The Owner’s Manual for Your Logo

Getting a new logo is exciting when you’re able to put a fresh face with your name. But once you have that new logo, you have to make sure whoever uses it is not destroying it by using it incorrectly or making changes to it. That’s why after the process of designing..

Are You Stalking Me, Facebook? Social Media Ads Explained

Have you ever been scrolling down your newsfeed on Facebook and stumble upon an advertisement for something that looks familiar and realize that you were literally, just yesterday, looking at that same exact product on your favorite apparel website? If you’re me,..

Why I Love Adaptable Logo Design (And You Should, Too!)

There are many things to consider when designing a logo—color, shape, scale, typography, etc. I’d like to focus on the most forgotten (in my opinion) aspect of logo design—usability.

The Advertising “It” Dog

Call me the “Crazy Dog Lady” if you wish, but I’m not the only one with a soft spot for Boston Terriers. Did you know they have a history in advertising? They say “every dog has its day” and just like many other trends like Z Cavaricci’s, and mullets (you know you..