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interruptive marketing

How Has Marketing Changed In The Last 10 Years?

by Kathryn Bevilacqua-Ely

interruptive marketingTake a moment to picture this scenario: you're at home enjoying a relaxing dinner with your family when your phone rings. You answer and hear this, “Hi Bill, this is Suzie from ABC Insurance. Can I have 15 minutes of your time?” What do you do? If you are like me, you hang up. Actually, if you are really like me, the caller didn't get through the entire statement prior to hanging up. Plus, now you’re annoyed. You've been interrupted to purchase something that you haven’t even expressed an interest in purchasing.

Over the last decade, consumers have become less and less receptive to traditional marketing tactics; they are learning to tune them out. Buyers are doing their research prior to reaching out to a salesperson. All the information they need to start evaluating their decision is available online, therefore the buyer is no longer dependent on the seller. According to HubSpot, the average buyer is 57% through the sales process before they ever reach out to a sales person. That means they are over half way into their decision making process before they ever attempt to speak with you.

I am sure you agree marketing has changed, but what do you do now?

One size does not fit all for today’s buyer; they expect you to know who they are and provide value to them personally. Think about the way you receive information. You likely fast forward through commercials or hit mute and may not answer calls from numbers you don't know. If you don’t want to be sold to in the traditional manner, don’t sell to your customers that way.

Enter Inbound Marketing. You need to create a brand that consumers love and want to seek out, not ignore. The inbound methodology helps you not just drive traffic to your website, it helps you increase leads and aquire new customers. You are better able to attract the right prospects by placing content where your potential buyers are doing their research.

Inbound has transformed the way businesses are marketing their products and services. If you're ready to have MADE help you develop your inbound strategy, request a consultation today.