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5 Reasons To Prospect Using Social Media

by Michelle Ledford

If you are not already using social media as part of your daily prospecting activities, you should.

In case you haven’t noticed, the buyer’s journey has changed dramatically over recent years. Your prospective buyers are more educated and harder to reach. These decision-makers often don’t want to hear from you until they have decided they have a challenge or issue they want to address. 

A recent survey by the Consumer Executive Board (CEB) found that B2B buyers are 57% through the decision-making process before they contact a potential supplier.

This is why smart marketers and sales teams rely on social prospecting – the art of working the social web to identify target prospects, engage them with relevant content, draw them to your website and move them through your sales funnel.


Here are 5 reasons you should start social prospecting for your new business leads: 

1. Your target customers are on social media and you should be, too.

If you have a good understanding of who your target customer is, you can easily search for groups that match your ideal customer's interests. Then join in on their conversations to begin your networking.

2. Your prospects are already talking. You should be paying attention.

Buyers are sharing their journey on social media. By monitoring and participating in their conversations, you are able to share relevant content at a time when the prospect is ready to hear about it.

3. You can bypass gatekeepers.

If you are still relying on the traditional phone sales method and are being screened by assistants or voicemail, use social media to bypass these gatekeepers. Buyers are managing their own social media profiles and are more receptive to conversations online.

4. It’s a great way to build trust and rapport.

By engaging in “non-salesy” conversations in social media, it is much easier to build a relationship and establish thought leadership. You can then invite these prospects to find the solutions they need in rich content on your website.

5. It's free.

Well, almost. It just costs you some of your time everyday. But aren’t you spending time on social media everyday already? Just be strategic with how you approach your social media activities by using these helpful tips, and watch your leads grow.

Whether you already practice social prospecting or make a decision to start now, you will find this to be a more personalized and effective way to grow your prospect engagement.